Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shopping Wednesday: Well made, Madewell!

5 weeks after having my baby, I am still ten pounds and roughly one jeans size above my starting weight.  While I am pretty satisfied by this I was unhappy that none of my old pants fit right.  A person can spend all the money she has on cute tops, but no one can feel good about an outfit without nicely fitting jeans.  While I'm not averse to the investment of $200 jeans every so often, I didn't want to go out buying designer denim when hopefully I will be back to my old size within a few months.

Enter Madewell.  We are fortunate in Seattle to have a Madewell store, and I've heard great things about their jeans.  I must say, I tried on several pairs and they all fit fabulous! I think I may never shop for pants anywhere else.  I ended up buying two pairs, both on special for $59.

These skinny "high riser" jeans are not so high rise to be mom jeans, but just right to be "no butt crack" jeans when I'm on the floor and leaning over my baby.

I loooove the slimming fit of these "wide legger" jeans, and the length is perfect with a pair of wedges.

I think I am sold, Madewell!

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