Friday, October 7, 2011

Nursing bras: the foundation of an outfit (or so I'm told)

Who says nursing bras have to be ugly?  Well, history, I suppose.  When our moms were nursing, from what I've heard, their options were pretty hideous.

I would definitely recommend going to a store to buy your nursing bras in order to get them properly fitted (To show you my point- one bra I have is a 34D, while another is a 34F).  However, for your inspiration, here are some adorable and even sexy options (all under $75).

You Nursing Bras- by far the sexiest I've found.  Not the most comfortable, though.

Vintage Lace from a UK company (pictured above)

Leading Lady makes mostly practical nursing bras, but I thought this one was really pretty.

Lastly, although more expensive, the customer service you get in the Nordstrom lingerie department- being measured, fitted, and brought bra after bra to try on- is priceless.  Also, this Le Mystere bra is pretty hot.

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