Monday, October 24, 2011

Real vs Fake?

Back story: During my last month of pregnancy my fingers swelled up rather suddenly, making it necessary for me to get my wedding ring cut off by a jeweler.  With a new baby, getting that ring soldered back together is about number 137 on my list of things to do.  In the interim, I purchased the ring above to wear on my wedding ring finger.  It is actually quite pretty and got me thinking...

Certainly I wanted my wedding ring to be real because it represents being solid and long lasting like my marriage.  However, why should I care if my earrings are CZ?
Why is it so important that jewelry be real? Why not just go get some huge fake diamonds? It's very rare that someone would ask whether or not they were real. Is it just me that doesn't usually like to wear fake diamonds?  Also, how large must a diamond be before you assume that it is fake?

I heard that Lady Gaga has been quoted saying that she doesn't know where diamonds come from so she just wears crystals.

I haven't made any final decisions on this.  I am just curious of the opinions of others.

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