Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shopping Wednesday: Black Watch Blazer for Less

Sometimes I think I sound like a walking advertisement for Nordstrom, but it is seriously my favorite store.*  I don't understand why the Brass Plum (juniors) department gets generally ignored by fashion bloggers and magazines alike.  They have a great selection of what I call "fashion disposables,"  or clothes that fall apart at about the same speed they go out of style (think F21) at pretty good prices.  Not to mention they always have great lookalikes to more expensive pieces from other stores...  Which brings me to my shopping adventure this week.  I was loving this JCrew blazer, with it's black watch plaid and elbow patches, and not loving the $230 price.

In Nordstrom BP I spotted this blazer, but in the same green/blue/black tartan:

Not only is it a great likeness to the JCrew one, but it also fits really well.  It's also nearly as soft and cozy as a great sweatshirt, while still looking structured.  At $68, the price is a bit higher than I like to pay in a junior's department, but I think this one will last more than a season so it was worth it.  I am contemplating switching out the buttons for gold toned like the JCrew version to give it a richer feel.

*Have you seen their return policy (or I should say, general lack thereof)?

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