Thursday, October 20, 2011

Beauty Thursday: Red Lips

Since I have always thought of myself as having a small mouth, I never really wanted to draw attention to my lips.  Thus, I have always been a lip gloss kind of a girl.  However, since having a baby I have needed a beauty pick me up- a change, if you will.  I decided red lips were the perfect punch on days when I am not feeling my prettiest.  The problem is that cheaper red lipstick without good pigmentation just tends to look pink or magenta on me.  I finally found this awesome Pretty Amazing Lipcolor from Bare Escentuals.  The color is bright and amazing.  The first couple times I tried to apply it, it was an absolute mess.  However, after following the instructions (line your lips with powder foundation first) and a couple of tries it ended up looking really fun.

The best price by far that I have found is on Amazon.  And speaking of, there are also some great prices on what are usually expensive Bare Escentuals makeup brushes on Amazon right now as well.

ps. Remember this scene from Airplane? I feel like that sometimes.

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